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Required documents:

  1. Visa application form signed by the applicant.
  2. A passport valid for at least six months from the application date with two empty pages. A copy of the first page and the page with Saudi visa (if it has been previously issued) are also required.
  3. Two recent color photographs, size 3.5×4.5, background plain white.
  4. The permission for visa issued by the Ministry of Interior Affairs of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  5. The original of letter of invitation from the Saudi company where the inviter works addressed to the consular section (certified by Chamber of Commerce in the KSA).
  6. Copy of IQAMA (actual permanent residence permit) of the inviter in the KSA.
  7. Copy of the passport of the inviter in the KSA.
  8. Copy of visa of the inviter in the KSA.
  9. Documents confirming family relations (birth certificate, marriage certificate), legalized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, and their copies translated into Arabic/English and notarized.
  10. Vaccination certificate against poliomyelitis for children under 16.
  11. A medical certificate and medical opinion issued by an appropriate medical institution (with the seal of the regional health centers) and legalized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine.
  12. Originals of test results(HEP B / C HEP / VDRL / HIV)
  13. Certificates of substance abuse examination and psychiatric examination (legalized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, translated into Arabic/English and notarized);
  14. Certificate of  No Criminal Conviction (legalized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, translated into Arabic / English and notarized);
  15. Ticket reservation.
  16. All translations must be legalized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine

Download commitment form     Download Visa Form

Please read thees rules:

  • This agreement fall within the visa. The Embassy may request the original of any document, its translation, certification by a notary and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine without any warning.
  • Customer shall pay any additional fees that may arise during execution of a visa, he also confirms that all information and documents are authentic. Our company is not responsible for delays or additional costs that may arise during this process. In the case of a visa refusal for any reason, such as refusal to issue a visa from the Embassy, customer reluctance to continue the visa process or the discontinuance of the process by the customer upon delivery of documents to our office, in all these cases, in any conditions, money is not returned to the client. Under the rules of the Embassy of the refusal to grant a visa the reasons are not explained.
  • Delivery of documents to our office means the full consent of the client to the above conditions. Regardless of signing of an agreement (all information is available on our website), the delivery of documents constitutes the entire agreement of the one contracting party.


Tourist Visa Requirements for Ukranian Citizens

Comply with rules and laws of KSA:

  • respect Islamic traditions and customs
  • any pictures with indecent images or political signs and symbols prohibited in KSA are not allowed to bring with
  • Do not bring any kinds of drugs (in accordance with the law of Saudi Arabia Kingdom the death penalty is reported for attempting to import any kind of drugs in the territory KSA)
  • Do not stay in KSA after the period specified in the visa.


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